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I had the auspicious opportunity to work with Bob as our spiritual organization was going through a Founder's transition process. Bob's first-hand experience with such transitions as well as his depth of knowledge and emotional maturity made the tender process engaging, collaborative, and successful for all involved. His warm, approachable demeanor and sincere care for his clients is a rarity in today's world. I would highly recommend him.


-La Sarmiento, Board President and Teacher, Insight Meditation Community of Washington

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Founder Transitions
Founder transitions are a pivotal moment in the life of an organization. When the person who birthed the organization, nurtured and supported it (sometimes for decades) decides to step down, a lot of emotions and anxieties surface. It can all get a bit messy, fast!


The board and staff need to step-up in new and different ways.  And, the founder has to start stepping back and letting go.  Not as easy as it sounds.

Staff and board may ask:

  • How will the organization survive without our founder?

  • Where and how to find a qualified successor?

  • Will some or all of our funders and donors jump ship?


Founders may ask:

  • How will the organization survive without me?

  • What will I do next after devoting my life to the organization?

  • Should I step away completely or keep some role (like staying on the board or helping with fundraising)?


A thoughtful and experienced partner can help you answer all those questions honesty, respectfully, and with an abundance of curiosity. Contact me to learn how a combination of coaching and consulting will help you with this crucial transition. 

Strategic Thinking



The Strategic Thinking Process provides a roadmap that identifies priorities and action steps to guide your organization over a two-year period.  A committee of six to eight members, with diverse perspectives, works to complete the following:

  1. Assess the organization’s current operating strengths and challenges and envision future opportunities. 

  2. Identify key priorities and measurable action-steps required to achieve goals.

  3. Create a timeline and accountability work plan.

Because the process is focused and relies heavily on the committee's experience and expertise, it can be completed within a three-month period.  The process saves significant time and expense compared with a traditional strategic planning process. 

My role is to manage the process, facilitate meetings, share my observations and expertise, ask questions, and assist to finalize the Strategic Thinking Document and work plan.

Strategic Thinking helps clarify priorities and provides an organizational roadmap.  Contact me to talk further about how this process will benefit your organization.

Board Engagement

The board dilemma can be summed up as follows:  Board members are part-time volunteers governing and overseeing a full-time mission. And, on top of that, they need to partner with staff to ensure the organization has the resources it needs for optimal mission impact.

Many boards struggle to sustain:

  • Effectiveness,

  • Efficiency, and

  • Engagement. 

Building a board culture that can provide governance, be responsive to organizational needs, raise resources, cultivate board leadership, and effectively (and appropriately) partner with staff requires on-going work, commitment, and accountability.

Whether your board needs fine-tuning or a major overhaul, I can help! I’ve helped many boards transition from low performance to a high-performing organizational partner. 

Vision/Mission/Core Values

Periodically, it's important for stakeholders to take a step back and assess whether the organization’s existing vision, mission, and core values align with future aspirations.

Your vision tells how you envision a better world, your mission defines your organization’s role to achieve your vision, and your core values define how your board, staff, participants embody your vision and mission.


Vision, mission, and core values:

  • Define who you are to internal and external stakeholders 

  • Create and sustain an organizational culture

  • Guide strategy and decision-making

My process includes facilitating a large group session followed-up with several small-group sessions to refine and finalize the statements.  The entire process takes three to four sessions.


If it’s been a while since your organization has assessed its vision, mission, or core values, or if you need to create one or more of these statements, contact me to explore how I may be of service.

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