Photo by Kayla Giordano-Wittig

Bob Wittig


While in graduate school, I started volunteering for the local Special Olympics Chapter where I was the head swimming coach. I loved the athletes, people, and their mission. I discovered that the nonprofit sector was for me.

I wasn’t sure how an MBA in Marketing would help me get into the nonprofit sector. Until one semester, I enrolled in a Nonprofit Marketing class and discovered that the nonprofit sector did have a place for me and my MBA!


After graduating, I loaded up my ancient Oldsmobile, put all the cash I had into one pocket, and drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Washington, DC to find nonprofit work. And, I’ve never looked back.

My first job in DC was with Special Olympics International (that's a story for another time!).  I’ve also worked for organizations that have helped homeless men with AIDS die with dignity, helped adults earn their GEDs, one that provided capacity-building to small nonprofits, and a foundation that supported small, workforce development organizations.

I’ve fundraised, created strong partnerships with boards, managed and motivated dedicated staff, celebrated accomplishments, and fretted over looming challenges. I'm grateful for every minute of it. I always say I won't die a rich man, but my life has been so enriched by being in the nonprofit sector.

Along the way, I co-authored a board governance book with my dear friend and former board chair (aka boss!), co-founded a DC Public Charter School and a collaborative workforce development nonprofit.  I am a graduate of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program.  I currently serve as the Board President at Joseph’s House and volunteer weekly at the Skyland Workforce Center.


I want to keep giving back by providing coaching and consulting that is accessible to nonprofit leaders.

So, the end of this story is that my nonprofit journey continues…!

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